Rules of conduct at the trails or good behavior rules

To be sure that you only get joy and great emotions from visiting the Ligatne Nature Trails, please follow these simple and easy-to-follow rules:

Leave your pets (especially dogs) at home! Your pet can cause an unnecessary stress and fear in our animals (and vice versa).
Please, do not feed our animals! Our animal breeders take good care of nutrition of animals living here and they get all the food they need. Any additional food given by you can harm the health of our animals
The Ligatne Nature Trails are located in a woodland; therefore, use only visitor trails and maps to avoid getting lost.
Please observe our animals only from specially dedicated places and do not climb over the fences! Do not endanger yourself and our animals!
When visiting the Ligatne Nature Trails, please remember that you are in nature. Stay calm! Noisy behavior scares animals living in fences and can disturb other visitors.
Be considerate and do not damage elements of nature and infrastructure (e.g. stairs, handrails, poles, benches).
All persons bear responsibility for their own personal safety and belongings. Parents are responsible for their children. Do not leave children or valuable belongings unattended.
Dispose waste and burn fires only at specially dedicated locations
The team of the Ligatne Nature Trails thanks you for your understanding and following the rules of conduct!

Safety regulations of the observation tower

Observation tower of the Ligatne Nature Trails (height – 22 meters)

  1. Please do not step outside the platform or over the fenced barriers at the observation tower.
  2. Please do not swing the observation tower and do not smoke there.
  3. Please do not damage directions and information signs.
  4. Children under the school age are allowed to climb the observation tower only when accompanied by adults.
  5. People under influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances cannot visit the observation tower.
  6. In case of any breaches of these regulations, all persons themselves shall be responsible for their safety, but the parents or guardians shall be responsible for their minor children.

Have a pleasant time!