Watch and get to know
Latvian wildlife and plants

The Ligatne Nature Trails are a well-established network of trails in the natural environment of woods (territory of River Gauja National Park) where everyone can observe and get to know wild animals of Latvia in conditions almost completely identical to their natural habitat.

The Ligatne Nature Trails allow everyone to observe various animals living in Latvia and experience untouched landscapes, listen to woodland and meadow voices, take a stroll in the ravines and mounds of the River Gauja Old Valley, as well as enjoy active recreation and wonderful peace.

The hiking trails stretch across about 4-5 km with various stages of complexity (both soil and gravel surface and wooden stair stages). To finish the whole trail, you will need about 2-3 hours.

The Ligatne Nature Trails were established back in 1975 in order to educate visitors about Latvian natural treasures and local species of wild plants and animals.

The first who lived in the territory were six stags, but a year later – two wild boars. Over time, many other animals joined – all of them abandoned, injured or otherwise tamed animal babies.

The Ligatne Nature Trails are managed by the Nature Conservation Administration.

Getting there