Long-eared owl (Asio otus)

Brief background:
Weight :
220 - 435 g
Length: 35 – 40 cm, wing span 90—100 cm. Females are slightly larger than males.
Sexual maturity age: ~ at one year of age
Mating period: February-March
Egg laying/brooding period: April until June
Duration of brooding : 28-30 days
Number of offspring : 4-5
Lifespan : 5-15 years
Natural predators: martens, foxes, large birds of prey
Status of the species in Latvia: In Latvia, it is a fairly common nester in open areas outside of larger forest massives. The size of the population is quite unclear, the most reliable is within 3,800-12,400 pairs (Ķerus et al. 2021, publication data rounded). 

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